photo of man feeling back pain


Muscle pain and soreness is commonly caused by tension, stress, overuse of muscle groups, or injuries.  These are our recommendations to relieve discomfort related to muscle aches.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Firm pressure is applied with slower deep strokes so your body can release tension from chronic tension areas.  Deep tissue massage delivers lasting results that re-educate chronically tight muscle groups.  

*For those who feel they can never get enough pressure, even with a deep tissue massage, see Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage.*  

45 Minutes: $75

60 Minutes: $100
90 Minutes: $135

Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage:DSC_1846

This massage is designed for people who enjoy a very deep, yet relaxing massage.  The word Ashiatsu combines two Japanese words:  Ashi-meaning “foot”, and Atsu-meaning “pressure”.  Your therapist will use clean, soft feet to apply deep, flowing strokes to the back of your body while you comfortably relax on a massage table.  This is the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet! More info

*perfect for those who feel they never get enough pressure!* Check out our video!    

60 Minutes: $105

90 Minutes: $140

Spot-On Massage:

30 minutes of therapeutic and deep tissue massage where you need it most.  A perfect addition to a facial or body treatment!

30 Minutes: $50

Altitude Adjustment Wrap:   

This thermal, seaweed-based marine mud body wrap helps to release congestion and nourish tissue, decreasing pain and improving mobility. The freeze-dried Laminaria (a brown seaweed) in this mud contains amino acids, vitamins, and iodine to re-mineralize and detoxify the body.  When this specialized mud is activated, millions of tiny bubbles, like champagne, heat up and perform a micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension, leaving your body deeply relaxed, detoxified, and warmed!

60 Minutes: $100