photo of Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park


Rocky Mountain National Park is home to some of the most epic hikes in the US – you’ll need to pack extra water, snacks, layers of clothes, and be sure to schedule a treat for your feet for after your hike!  These are our best recommendations for relieving tired feet and legs:

Hiker’s Delight Foot Rescue:Fußmassage in Reflexzonen

A rescue-mission for exhausted feet, this includes a cooling peppermint scrub, hot towel treatment, and eco-fin wrap to deeply warm and hydrate tired soles.  A soothing and follicle-stimulating rosemary and peppermint scalp massage as well as a relaxing foot massage will relieve tension throughout the whole body.

 45 min: $70

Reflexology Massage:

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body. A Reflexology Massage stimulates points in your feet, hands, and head. These points relate to specific organs, glands, and structures of the body and promote health via the body’s energetic pathways.

30 minutes: $50  

Leg Revival Treatment:

This cooling and revitalizing leg treatment polishes and hydrates tired legs, eases muscular tension and reactivates microcirculation. A leg-blemish reducing wrap leaves legs feeling light, cool, and energized. Perfect for those experiencing leg inflammation, soreness, or legs that feel heavy or sluggish.  

45 min: $65

Bliss Pedicure:

Our luxurious Bliss Pedicure is the ultimate treat for feet with a seasonal flair – enjoy Autumn’s Pumpkin Pulp pedi or Summer’s Tropical Nectar!  The Bliss pedicure includes an aromatic soak, cuticle-care, nail shaping, exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, buffing, extended massage, and perfect polish application. You’ll receive a gourmet chocolate truffle to enjoy during this blissful foot treatment!

Bliss Pedicure:  Allow for 60 minutes (including drying time):$65