1. Scientific Benefits of Massage

    Anyone who has looked into getting a massage will quickly see that there are a variety of benefits — it can help improve your sleep, helps to reduce stress, and can help with muscle pain. These are fairly obvious benefits, right? When you’re lying on a bed, listening to soothing music, and a massage therapist is working out your sore muscles, it will surely help you relax and unwind. But there…Read More

  2. Three Types of Manis and Pedis

    After a few months of weather fluctuating between cold and snowy, cool and rainy, and warm and sunny, warm weather seems to be here to stay in Estes Park. And what’s one of the first things we do when the weather turns warmer? We put on sandals, take one look at our toenails, and decide it’s time to schedule a pedicure and manicure. It’s time to pick a bright color and never put a pair of so…Read More

  3. Protecting Your Skin in Colorado’s Dry Climate

    Skincare can be a challenge no matter where you live — people who live in dry climates have to worry about cracking, itchy skin, and people in humid climates have to worry about oily, shiny skin. It seems like it’s a lose-lose game no matter what. Anyone who has lived in Colorado for more than a few weeks will realize that taking care of their skin is an everyday task that requires several ski…Read More

  4. 3 Benefits of Soaking in a Float Pod

    A sensory deprivation tank may not sound like an incredibly pleasant thing, but when you fully understand what it is, and what the benefits are, you’ll realize that “float pods” can be incredibly enticing. If you’re looking to get away and relax, to let your mind rest, and to take a break from the outside stress, visit Riverspointe Spa in downtown Estes Park. Our salon and spa is passionat…Read More

  5. How Massage Can Relieve Anxiety, Stress, and Headaches

    Now that the holidays are nearly over, after all of the traveling, shopping, cooking, partying, and picking up pine needles from the tree, you can finally spend some time actually relaxing. Even though the holidays are a great time of year, when you can catch up with friends and family that you may not have seen in a while, they can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming. At Riverspointe Spa in Este…Read More

  6. Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Complexion

    If you’ve been to a grocery store recently, there’s no denying that Thanksgiving is only a week away. Right in the entrance are piles of canned pumpkin, trays of cookies, bags of cranberries, and all sorts of pies displayed. Anyone who loves to eat delicious food and spend time with family looks forward to this holiday for months; but on the other hand, anyone who breaks out just looking at a …Read More

  7. Why a Couples Massage Is the Perfect Gift

    There are still a few days left in October, so you may be thinking that there’s still plenty of time to think about what to get for your significant other for the holidays. But when you consider how fast time moves, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and then excuses about busy shopping malls will flood your thoughts, and all of a sudden Christmas is a week away. But at Riverspointe Sp…Read More

  8. What You Can Expect From Riverspointe Spa

    Even in the summer, when it’s the time of year to go on vacation and lounge in the backyard soaking up the sun, our lives can be busy and stressful. Even though the kids are out of school, work doesn’t stop, chores keep adding up, and the house still needs to be cleaned. So with all of life’s commotion, have you been able to put aside any time for yourself? If not, is it time? Whether you’…Read More

  9. Purifying Brightness Facial

    Is your skin having a difficult time transitioning from winter to spring to dry, hot summer? Sun, allergens, and changes in humidity can wreak havoc on our skin and our regular routines. Now is the time to detox your complexion AND update your skincare regime!   Winter can create a dull and flaky texture in our skin. Sometimes we need a boost to bring our complexion back to a clean, fresh, and de…Read More

  10. COOLA Sunscreen

    Many of us Rocky Mountain dwellers (and visitors) are attentive to finding the most eco-friendly -- yet effective -- skin products possible. It is important to use creams, serums, and other skincare items that are not harmful to our bodies or Mother Nature. The COOLA sunscreen line achieves that goal, while providing amazing coverage and enhancement to our skin. There are two types of sunscreens: …Read More