Altitude Adjustment Wrap:

This thermal, seaweed-based marine mud body wrap helps to release congestion and nourish tissue, decreasing pain, and improving mobility. The freeze-dried Laminaria (a brown seaweed) in this mud contains amino acids, vitamins, and iodine to re-mineralize and detoxify the body. When this specialized mud is activated, millions of tiny bubbles, like champagne, heat up and perform a micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension, leaving your body deeply relaxed and warmed! While you are wrapped, receive your choice of relaxing scalp or foot massage. 

60 minutes: $102

Leg Revival Treatment

This cooling and revitalizing leg spa treatment polishes and hydrates tired legs, eases muscular tension, and reactivates micro-circulation. Your legs will be gently exfoliated, then enrobed in Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel which is rich in Menthol to cool, and Centella Asiatica extract which is a medicinal herb that helps relieve congestion in tissues and promotes healing. This wrap leaves legs feeling light, cool, and energized! Perfect for those experiencing leg inflammation, soreness, or legs that feel heavy or sluggish. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while your legs are wrapped!

45 minutes: $68

Green Tea & Crushed Rice Body Glow

Green Tea, long revered for its antioxidant properties, is the cornerstone of this amazingly fresh body scrub. Crushed rice, green tea extract, green tea leaves, and bamboo powder combine in a Thai-inspired treat that sloughs dead skin cells to reveal fresher, healthier looking skin. Hydration is sealed in with a nourishing Thai-Coconut Lemongrass lotion.

45 minutes: $65

Seasonal Body Scrub

Try A Sugar Scrub!

A sugar scrub is a luxurious spa treatment that is great for the skin and mind. Bella Luccè has created an extensive collection of natural sugar scrubs designed to gently exfoliate your skin, revealing the radiant skin you never knew you had. Discover the difference this simple step can make on your journey to healthier skin. We currently have the Peruvian Azul Cocoa, Chianti Grape Seed, Green Tea & Crushed Ice, Cranberry, and South Seas Body Buff.

45 minutes: $65

Slimming and Sculpting Body Wrap with Lipo-ssage

Lose up to 1.2 inches, or up to one size in just five treatments!*

This comprehensive contouring and cellulite treatment includes a gentle body exfoliation, followed by a concentrated warming clay applied to the thighs and abdomen that will relieve congestion in tissues and slim the body. You will then be wrapped in a warm cocoon while the clay firms, detoxifies, and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Massage techniques specific to breaking down adipose tissue will be used for any areas of concern using plant extracts that stimulate microcirculation to eliminate cellulite and decrease the storage of fat.

*For best results, the series of five treatments should be completed within three weeks time.

75 minutes: $130
Purchase a Series of Five: $550

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

This Phytomer Seaweed-derived body wrap does it all — fortifies the body with trace minerals and vitamins, cleanses, and deeply detoxifies the body while reducing the appearance of cellulite, and promoting weight loss. This treatment includes a light exfoliation, and soothing scalp massage while you are wrapped in a warm cocoon. Hydration is locked in with a nourishing body cream.

60 minutes: $102

Body spa treatments is a great way to relax and unwind after lond days of work and stress. Riverspointe Spa & Salon in downtown Estes Park strives to provide you with a few hours of pampering. Whichever spa treatment you choose, a massage, facial, or a even an hour in our float pod, you can be confident that you’re well taken care of.