1. Protecting Your Skin in Colorado’s Dry Climate

    Skincare can be a challenge no matter where you live — people who live in dry climates have to worry about cracking, itchy skin, and people in humid climates have to worry about oily, shiny skin. It seems like it’s a lose-lose game no matter what. Anyone who has lived in Colorado for more than a few weeks will realize that taking care of their skin is an everyday task that requires several ski…Read More

  2. Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Complexion

    If you’ve been to a grocery store recently, there’s no denying that Thanksgiving is only a week away. Right in the entrance are piles of canned pumpkin, trays of cookies, bags of cranberries, and all sorts of pies displayed. Anyone who loves to eat delicious food and spend time with family looks forward to this holiday for months; but on the other hand, anyone who breaks out just looking at a …Read More