1. Reiki Energy Therapy

    Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation technique, in which the Reiki practitioner directs a subtle healing energy through their hands to treat the whole person -physical body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Reiki is helpful for finding clarity within the mind and spirit.  A perfect addition to any massage, body treatment, or facial! 30 minutes: $50…Read More

  2. Scalp Ritual

    Add 15 minutes of soothing scalp & neck massage with headache-reducing peppermint and rosemary essential oils (non-greasy) to relax the whole body and send you into a deep meditative state of relaxation.  A perfect addition to any massage, facial, or body wrap! Adds 15 minutes to your treatment: $20  …Read More

  3. exfoliating sugar scrub at day spa

    Back Cleanse

    A lemongrass-infused exfoliation, hot towel treatment, a Thai-Lemongrass moisturizer and percussive massage brings a white flag of surrender to tight achy muscles of the back, while leaving it hydrated and deeply cleansed.  A perfect addition to any massage or facial! Adds 10 minutes to your session: $15…Read More

  4. spa facial mask

    Express Facial

      For those on-the-go who want to brighten and clarify their skin tone.  This quick but thorough facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, a customized mask, an appropriate eye cream, a treatment serum, and a final skin cream.  Includes a brief, soothing massage for neck and face.  Does not include extractions.  A perfect addition to any massage or body wrap! 30 minutes: $50…Read More

  5. scalp massage photo

    Spot-On Massage

    30 minutes of therapeutic and deep tissue massage where you need it most.  A perfect addition to a facial or body wrap! 30 minutes: $50…Read More

  6. Relaxation Ritual

    Our signature Relaxation Ritual is the perfect way to transition from a frantic reality to a more sacred space. Sink your achy feet into a warm aromatic tub, flavored with your choice of fizzing bath bomb.  A warm herbal wrap envelopes your shoulders, while your hands are deeply warmed and hydrated with our eco-fin hand treatment. Enjoy a decadent chocolate truffle as well, to turn any frown up…Read More

  7. Mini-Facials

    Add a mini-facial to your massage or body treatment; our mini-facials include thorough cleansing, toning, targeted mask, customized eye cream and moisturizer.  A perfect addition to any massage or body wrap!  Mini-Facials add 15 minutes to your treatment time: $30 Detoxifying Ginger-Wasabi Mini-Facial: Designed to deeply detoxify delicate facial tissue as it enriches the skin with potent antioxi…Read More