1. 3 Benefits of Soaking in a Float Pod

    A sensory deprivation tank may not sound like an incredibly pleasant thing, but when you fully understand what it is, and what the benefits are, you’ll realize that “float pods” can be incredibly enticing. If you’re looking to get away and relax, to let your mind rest, and to take a break from the outside stress, visit Riverspointe Spa in downtown Estes Park. Our salon and spa is passionat…Read More

  2. What You Can Expect From Riverspointe Spa

    Even in the summer, when it’s the time of year to go on vacation and lounge in the backyard soaking up the sun, our lives can be busy and stressful. Even though the kids are out of school, work doesn’t stop, chores keep adding up, and the house still needs to be cleaned. So with all of life’s commotion, have you been able to put aside any time for yourself? If not, is it time? Whether you’…Read More