Now that the holidays are nearly over, after all of the traveling, shopping, cooking, partying, and picking up pine needles from the tree, you can finally spend some time actually relaxing. Even though the holidays are a great time of year, when you can catch up with friends and family that you may not have seen in a while, they can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming.

At Riverspointe Spa in Estes Park, we’re here to provide a relaxing and soothing environment where you can let your body and mind unwind. Our massage therapists have years of experience and understand the complex relationship between the body and mind, and what it takes to help someone truly relax. Whatever you’re feeling, wherever you’re feeling sore or tight, we can focus on certain areas to help ease the pain or stress.

Feeling Anxious?

In a majority of our massage treatments, the therapist will spend a few moments massaging your hands – and there’s a great reason why they do. Toward the center of your palm, just below the base of your middle finger, is a pressure point called the Pericardium 8, or Palace of Anxiety. In this area is a major blood vessel that circulates blood. Massaging this point can help calm your mind and body, it can help bring awareness to your breath, and it can help create feelings of pleasure.

Massage Estes ParkFeeling Stressed?

Whether you choose a Swedish-relaxation massage or our anti-stress back treatment, massaging all areas of the body can help relieve stress. We strive to create an environment where every nerve in your body will be soothed – from calming music to aromatherapy and essential oils to the soft hands of our therapists. When you visit Riverspointe Spa for a massage, you can look forward to balancing your hormones, a boost in serotonin and dopamine, and a reduction of stress hormones. From your neck to your shoulders to the back, all the way to your feet and toes, tight muscles will be loosened and stress will melt away.

Do You Have Headaches?

Regardless of the time of year, countless people suffer from headaches and a massage is a great way to relieve the pain. Our therapists are experienced with a variety of techniques that can target headaches that occur in all areas of the head. If your headache is toward the back of your head, we’ll massage an area that is at the base of the skull. If the headache is in your temples, we’ll put pressure on an area just above the temples. And if you suffer from sinus headaches or have a headache behind the eyes, we can focus on areas around the hose, along the bridge of the nose, and all areas surrounding the eyes in order to reduce the pain there.

However the holidays have left you feeling, whether it’s stressed out or even bloated, Riverspointe Spa in Estes Park has a solution. We offer a range of different types of massage so you’re sure to find one that will focus on exactly what you want and need. We even offer couples massages for friends or loved ones who want to do something special.

Visit us today in Estes Park for a therapeutic massage that will brighten up your day.