Mini-Facials: Deeply relaxing and refreshing for skin!
Mini-Facials: Deeply relaxing and refreshing for skin!

Add a mini-facial to your massage or body treatment; our mini-facials include thorough cleansing, toning, targeted mask, customized eye cream and moisturizer.  A perfect addition to any massage or body wrap!

 Mini-Facials add 15 minutes to your treatment time: $30

Detoxifying Ginger-Wasabi Mini-Facial:

Designed to deeply detoxify delicate facial tissue as it enriches the skin with potent antioxidants and gentle skin conditioners. Crushed freshwater pearls brighten skin as activated charcoal deep-cleans pores and pure ginger stimulates circulation. A powerful purifying mask that will cleanse and brighten your skin.

Strawberries and Cream Mini-Facial:

Luscious  strawberries blend with Argiletz rose clay and coconut milk powder to create an amazing facial treatment that softens and renews tired skin for an anti-aging effect. The naturally-occurring vitamins in milk strengthen the tissues as fruit acids encourage cell renewal for a healthier complexion.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mini-Facial: 

Pumpkin is one of the most powerful weapons in Mother Nature’s arsenal and nowhere is that more evident than in this soothing face masque. The natural enzymes in organic pumpkin dissolve dead cells as our gentle blend of powdered honey and detoxifying clay draws toxins from the skin. Coconut milk deeply nourishes tired tissue as you enjoy a burst of warmth when the masque is mixed and applied. You’ll notice softer, visibly renewed skin after just one treatment.

Peruvian Cocoa Mini-Facial

Designed to gently detoxify and soften as it infuses the skin with vital antioxidants, our Peruvian Cocoa Renewing Masque will reveal your natural radiance as it cleanses and soothes.