Many of us Rocky Mountain dwellers (and visitors) are attentive to finding the most eco-friendly — yet effective — skin products possible. It is important to use creams, serums, and other skincare items that are not harmful to our bodies or Mother Nature.

The COOLA sunscreen line achieves that goal, while providing amazing coverage and enhancement to our skin. There are two types of sunscreens: Classic and Mineral. Spa owner & director Melissa loves the mineral version for hiking, “because it absorbs sweat with its great matte finish.” Her favorite is the cucumber matte finish mineral sunscreen — it, like the other matte products, is lightweight, reef-friendly, and includes formulas that are water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Other great travel products include the gradual sunless tan, which is a dry oil mist for your body and an anti-aging serum for your face, as well as the Mineral Liplux Trio that comes in three great shades, each with SPF 30. While the sunscreen sprays do not offer as matte of a finish, they are still fantastic for hiking and traveling.

Looking for a moisturizer that will freshen up your skin in the dry climate of the mountains, while still providing excellent sun protection? Give the Organic BB+ Cream a try. It has an incredible rose scent and SPF 30 (and is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes). Before long, you’ll notice spectacular skin improvements, from boosting of your natural luminescent glow to a healthier look and feel. There are three different shades, all of which are provided in testers at the spa, so we will happily help you find the best match for your skin type!

Visiting Estes Park is all about celebrating the beauty and wonder of our natural surroundings. We treat Mother Earth with the same love and care that we hope to have for ourselves, for our bodies. We hope you will, too!

About COOLA: COOLA’s eco-conscious formulas are sourced with a Farm to Face® philosophy, ensuring that they always use the freshest, most potent natural and organic ingredients. They incorporate antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® into COOLA sunscreens, which is a selection of plant-based ingredients including Algae and Red Raspberry Seed Oil that help naturally boost the formulas’ efficacy. This allows COOLA to use fewer traditional—and potentially irritating—sunscreen actives.