Is your skin having a difficult time transitioning from winter to spring to dry, hot summer? Sun, allergens, and changes in humidity can wreak havoc on our skin and our regular routines. Now is the time to detox your complexion AND update your skincare regime!
Winter can create a dull and flaky texture in our skin. Sometimes we need a boost to bring our complexion back to a clean, fresh, and dewy glow. Enter: the Purifying Brightness Facial at Riverspointe Spa! This 60 minute treatment focuses on your face, neck, and decollete and starts with gentle, foaming cleansing with cool gel exfoliation. Then enjoy a moisturizing and nourishing massage that focuses on pore minimizing with the softest facial brushes,  before an application of our creamy complexion boosting mask. Top the entire treatment off with custom-selected eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. If you like any of the products enough to take them home, our expert estheticians can provide additional consultation about the best selections for your skin type and lifestyle.
If you’re visiting our mountain town from a different climate and need an optimized treatment, our team is up for the challenge! While we highly recommend the Purifying Brightness Facial for all environments, we understand that skincare needs can differ based on where you live. Our exceptionally trained staff will evaluate your skin and provide custom recommendations to fit your individual complexion.
Just imagine… 60 minutes off of your feet, with your body relaxed and mind quiet while you receive an amazing complexion transition into the new season. We prepare the rest of our lives for seasonal changes — why not our skin? 
Purifying Brightness Facial appointments are now available and can be booked by calling the spa at 970-577-6841, or online by clicking here